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Sharing passions with people in your area

How many online social networks do you belong to? And from your participation in those networks, how many times can you actually look back and think 'wow, I was involved in that'?

Well, passionate-about uses the internet as a tool, but it's all about sharing passions and building things together (plays, recipes, music, film, you name it!), meeting in a physical location. You decide what you want to get involved with, in which depth you want to get involved and when you want to do it. And you can always create new projects and invite other people to join, sharing your passions.

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PLEASE NOTE: This website is a stub, or proof-of-concept if you wish, so most of the features are not yet available. Its intention is to give you a precise idea and feel of what this network aims to be.

Who can join passionate-about?

Anyone and everyone can participate in this network. It’s not only for creatives. Everyone has passions and hobbies, and here you can access tools to find other

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people that want to build something around that passion.

How are the projects showcased?

There are ‘affiliated’ venues where you can meet/exhibit/perform. Everyone can add new venues, usually associated to a project. Most of the venues will be pubs, cafes and bars, which will become like cultural hubs for the 'informal arts' done by the network.

All projects are created under the Creative Commons license.

Take a look at get creative! for an overview of how you could be changing your life. You can also go straight to the project pool to see which projects are under development and how you can participate.

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